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FOKUS AWARD 14-th Edition


The International Photography Festival "Fokus Award," for 13 edition, brings contemporary authorial photography, based on an archetype where the concept, idea, and theme - based on a curatorial thesis unit - are the basis for the selection of images. This is already a paradigm that has been overturned - we are precisely at the moment of transition from an era where it seemed like "the camera never lied" to one where images - even realistic ones - can be created without the use of a camera. It seems ironic, even Diane Arbus's expression that "there are things that cannot be seen until she photographs them." Things have changed - sang Bob Dylan piercingly - and we don't want to hide this fact at all; on the contrary, we want to dedicate the main theme of the festival to it. It's not a challenge between us and the machine - "Fokus Award" with your photographs aims to become a manifesto of an artistic resistance that surpasses this change by questioning this destructiveness of the photographic image. We want to present photographs that not only display your vision of this epochal change but also restore a hierarchy in the world of images, at the top of which lies human thought and intelligence, the instinct and sensitivity of the photographer. It should continue to depict the world and the conditions of humanity responsibly, in a balanced manner, thus with its authority as an artist.

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